Agile Caregiving

In addition to my 35+ years as an RN—many spent in patient homes as a hospice nurse—I was the primary caregiver for my own mom for many years.

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Mom lived in her own apartment at one end of our home for nearly ten years, which was a blessed season for all of us.

Getting to take care of my mom in her final years was one of the greatest privileges of my life—and the many precious memories we created together are treasures I’ll forever cherish.

In the final four years of her life, she required increasing levels of care and support as her health declined. On May 29, 2015, Mom died peacefully in the comfort of her own bed with me by her side.

In the agile caregiving resources you’ll find here, I share my expertise, experience and faith about how to embrace and cherish your season as a family caregiver—while caring for yourself in the process.

While the caregiving journey brings many blessings, it can also be overwhelming at times, too. Fortunately, there is a growing array of caregiver resources available and I will guide you to them as needed.

The devotional and disability travel offerings here are meant to encourage and empower you with a unique approach, because they:

  • are created by a seasoned healthcare professional;
  • are created by a daughter who has traveled a similar journey;
  • are grounded in a faith-based approach; and
  • embrace a new mindset that I refer to as agile caregiving.

One of the greatest challenges that family caregivers face is figuring out how to have the time and resources to care for a loved one while also attending to a myriad of additional responsibilities. 

The resources here provide encouragement to help deepen your faith during the caregiving journey,  as well as offering practical tips to help you care for a disabled loved one while traveling, so you can both enjoy the ride!

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