Are we living in the Last Days?

Are we living in the Last Days?

I certainly don’t know, but in light of the seeming deterioration of our world, the thought has often crossed my mind.

So, when we received a letter from Dr. Jeremiah’s Turning Point ministry recently about his current teaching series, “Where do we go from here?” I practically jumped up and down with excitement, since he’s been wondering the same thing.

Dr. Jeremiah has also written a book of the same title, which will be released in October.

Here’s the description from the website: “David Jeremiah reveals ten phenomena happening in our world today that prove tomorrow’s prophecies foreshadow the problems we are experiencing in our world today.”

In his October 2021 devotional booklet that arrived recently, he opens the introduction by describing his concerns.

“Like you, I’ve studied the signs of the times and believe we’re approaching a global cataclysm—one predicted in our Scriptures and unfolding before our eyes,” he writes.

Dr. Jeremiah describes a morning months ago when he and his wife, Donna, were watching the morning news: “Every story was more distressing than the one before. We sat there viewing the burning cities, backbiting politicians, runaway infections, heated elections, social upheaval, racial tensions, skyrocketing crime, shouting pundits, deafening lies, eroding sands, and cracking foundations. I looked over at Donna and said, ‘You and I are watching the dismantling of America.’”

Describing that as the moment the “book was born,” he goes on to say, “I began to look at these crises and controversies in a new way. I realized they are not isolated movements, philosophies, or events. They are as interconnected as a spider’s web” (p.5).

His sermon series covering these ten phenomena started three weeks ago and we’ve been riveted to what he has to say.

After all, just look at what he’s covering as listed in the devotional and see if anything sounds familiar:

  • Apostacy: A Theological Prophecy—“The Bible predicts the falling away of the Church. Is that what we’re seeing today?”
  • Cancel Culture: A Political Prophecy—“Does Bible prophecy predict a time when society tries to silence the voices of morality?”
  • Economic Chaos: A Financial Prophecy—“Is our cashless society, cryptocurrency, and microchipping technology mentioned in Bible prophecy?”
  • End Times People: A Biographical Prophecy—“Would you be surprised to know the decay of character is a precursor for Christ’s return?”
  • Globalism: An International Prophecy—“The world is getting smaller and more intertwined every day. Does the Bible predict this?”
  • Jerusalem: A Geographical Prophecy—”What role does Jerusalem play in the End Times drama unfolding around us?”
  • Pandemic: A Biological Prophecy—“Are the illnesses, plagues, and pestilences of our day signs we are living in the Last Days?”
  • Socialism: A Cultural Prophecy—“Are the public cries for shared wealth and government control a sign of the times?”
  • Spiritual Famine: A Spiritual Prophecy—“Is the indifference to God being experienced in the world today a sign that we are living in the Last Days?”

Well now, didn’t that just brighten up your day? ?

Of course, Dr. Jeremiah doesn’t stop there.

Instead, his goal in providing this teaching series and book is to offer hope for believers.

As he writes on page two of the booklet, “Without hope, prophecy is only a useless glimpse of the gloom to come. But with hope, prophecy is a useful picture of the glory to come.”

And our source of that hope is Jesus.

To “infuse” the hope we have in Him “into the prophetic events unfolding around us,” Dr. Jeremiah has laid out a three-step process within the series and book to:

  • Examine current issues/events
  • Apply Scripture to understand them in a prophetic context
  • Gain biblical instruction “in practical ways for living with hope and courage in the face of these daunting happenings.”

I can’t wait to hear all he has to say. I pre-ordered the book, so we’ll likely be well into the series by the time it arrives.

But I wanted to share all that with you to help express why I feel an urgency and deep conviction about the need to be as prepared as possible for what may lie ahead.

Because for believers, I don’t think things are going to get any easier.

Instead, we may face some of our greatest challenges as we stand for Jesus.

And to do that, we must be as spiritually equipped as possible.

So, I want more and more and more of Him.

Less fluff.

More simplicity.

A laser focus on what’s most important.

That laser focus will include a shift in branding for my website and content—including this newsletter—to return to the mission I started with way back in 2008: to Organize the Essentials.

I’ll still be writing about caregiving, aging, and end-of-life topics as I feel led to do so.

And of course, Bibles & Bathrobes will continue. In fact, it will be prioritized even more, since deepening my relationship with Jesus and helping others to do the same is the primary essential I want to focus on.

Organize the Essentials is dear to my heart not just because it’s the name Mom came up with for my company and new endeavor then—but because it still captures what I believe.

The importance of focusing on what matters most.

Which is Jesus first.

And then the other priorities He sets for me.

If you feel the same, I hope you’ll join me.

Sue Montgomery is a Christian writer/content creator who's also been a hospice nurse, family caregiver, health coach, and professional organizer. Now she's helping Baby Boomers like herself embrace the Boomer Continuum™ of agile caregiving, graceful aging, and peaceful dying—with Christian faith and simplicity to focus on what matters most.
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