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Bibles & Bathrobes™ for COVID-19 Healthcare Workers

There are so many images of healthcare workers on the frontlines of COVID-19 which have made a powerful impression on me.

One in particular is of a young woman in scrubs and mask, sitting alone on a bench outside.

Her posture is one of discouragement and exhaustion.

And I just want to reach out.

Give her a hug.

Encourage her.

Pray with her.

Thank her for all she’s doing.

And remind her that she’s not alone.

That we are all behind her.

Praying for her.

Standing with her.

That’s why I created this series of devotionals for CVOID-19 healthcare workers based on the Bibles & Bathrobes™ brand.

Since these heros are incredibly busy, each episode is only about a minute in length.

Just long enough for them to step away for a moment of quiet and renewal.

A small patch of green pasture in which these heros can be reminded of how much they are appreciated and loved.

Please share them widely to help me reach as many as possible with a bit of the encouragement they may need.

There are more in the works, but the following are what I have ready so far.

Thank you!

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