What is the Boomer Continuum™?

The Boomer Continuum™ is a phrase I coined to capture the unique seasons of life that Baby Boomers experience—and the challenges that can result.

As a definition, a Baby Boomer is someone who was born sometime between 1946 and 1964—which means that today’s oldest Boomers are entering their seventh decade, and the youngest are in their mid-fifty’s.

Some of us are caregivers for a parent or spouse.

Some are feeling the aches and pains of aging.

Many are doing both.

As the Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA) puts it, “The massive Baby Boomer generation is at prime caregiving age, and soon many will become care recipients themselves.”

Some Boomers are even facing end of life, or helping someone else who is.

Within any of these seasons, learning to travel with a disability may play a key role in maintaining quality of life, crossing items off a bucket list, or meeting end-of-life goals.

In a great post for KevinMD.com, “How Baby Boomers will change end-of-life care,” Monica Williams-Murphy, MD offers some excellent predictions about how our generation will uniquely approach this final season of life—making the most of its history of creating cultural and societal change.

Bill Finn, President and CEO of Hospice of the Western Reserve, agrees, writing that “…the 78 million Americans born 1946-1964 are already beginning to break down barriers and transform the way society views death. As the best-educated seniors this country has seen, they are also insisting on power and decision making throughout the entire health care continuum, including the final phase of life.”

All those dynamics can be messy.  

Caregiving. Aging. Dying. Although they can sound like tidy categories, our lives are much more complex than that.

We Boomers live on a continuum in which we are often impacted by an aspect of all three at some point.

That means the responsibilities and challenges we face typically overlap, requiring us to address multiple needs for both ourselves and others all at the same time.

That can require quite a balancing act—and it can leave us feeling overwhelmed and alone.

But we’re a hardy lot.

Many of us are rebels who embrace life outside the box. Most are committed to being empowered and informed.

All we need is encouragement for the journey from someone who understands.

And that’s what I offer here.

Practical and faith-based resources to empower you for agile caregiving, graceful aging, and peaceful dying.

If you’re a Boomer traveling the Continuum, you’re in the right place.

There are many excellent resources available regarding caregiving, aging, and end of life—which I’ll link to as appropriate.

However, most don’t embrace the Continuum as a whole—and few offer a faith-based perspective with which to travel it.

What I’m providing here offers the unique perspectives of a seasoned healthcare professional well-versed in the topics, and also a fellow Boomer traveling the Continuum with you.

Welcome, fellow traveler, to the Boomer Continuum™!

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