Can healthcare technology enhance quality of life for Baby Boomers?

When I wrote this article, “Digital Health: It’s About Quality of Life, Too,” I was in my former role as the senior content editor for a global digital health organization, and here’s the intro to provide a little context:

How can compassionate care be provided with a laptop in hand? Sue Montgomery believes it’s the only way to do it—if we want to give patients and families the care they deserve.

In the article, I talk a lot about using technology in end-of-life care, since I was one of the first hospice nurses to tote my laptop into the home and used it while visiting my patients.

I can assure you that when we started doing that many years ago, there was a lot of resistance to using technology that way, since many of my peers—and often the patients and families—viewed it as a barrier to care.

However, there have been many advances in the years since technology invaded the healthcare scene, and we Baby Boomers have a great deal to do with its rapid adoption.

As part of an increasingly tech-savvy generation of massive proportions (no pun intended—though Boomers do contribute to the obesity epidemic) with growing healthcare needs, we Boomers can help set the standard for making the most of technology to enhance our own quality of life.


Here are a few articles for you to dig into that will help to prove my point:

Now that they are reaching retirement age at the rate of three million per year, baby boomers are poised to change the face of healthcare with technological advances that meet their demand for smart, savvy and easy solutions to cope with the issues of aging.

Applying technology to medical care will blur the lines between being a patient and being a consumer, and could yield benefits that improve baby boomers’ health…

the boomers themselves have shown an inclination to adopt new technology, and may be asked to do so for in-home care. 

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