The paralyzing effect of fear

Standing at the threshold of something new can be scary. Uncertainty about the future can create a big pause. One in which we question ourselves and ability to move ahead. Prudence can be a good thing, for sure. Especially if the cautious voice we’re listening to belongs to God. But prudence can also be rooted […]

Easter: A Morning Like No Other

There will never again be a morning like Easter morning. When an empty tomb changed everything. Because regardless of the world’s attempts to the contrary, God’s not dead. He always was and always will be alive and well. Jesus’ life on the earth in human form served many purposes. To reveal to us the character […]

Numb, Fearful, Helpless

Grief can be overwhelming. Depending upon the circumstances of grief, we may be confused. Fearful. Angry. We might feel helpless. On the day after Jesus’ death, His followers were likely swamped with such emotions. And since it was the Jewish sabbath, there was no “doing” permitted that could distract them from their pain. In such […]

The peace the world really needs

In the midst of the upheaval and uncertainty that surrounds us, many are seeking inner peace. Which is what Jesus can provide. His peace is different than what the world offers. And that’s exactly what we need. A lasting and effective alternative to the temporary, self-reliant solutions that will persistently fall short. Trying to find […]

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