In the Woods, Talking About Dying

I know, it’s an interesting title. I almost used, “Talking about dying in the woods,” but in that context, you can see how word order and comma placement can make a big difference. ? And yes, some may consider me a bit odd. After all, not many people sit in their bathrobes and talk about Jesus. […]

Giving God Elbow Room

Within my journey of reduced connectedness, I’m realizing how much more space I have available both mentally and spiritually. Without technology’s continual clamor for my attention, I’m better able to breathe, pray, and find renewal within the peacefulness that results. Better able to give God the elbow room needed within my attention span to do the […]

Giving God your zero

Social media is certainly interesting right now—with lots of upheaval on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Parler. Many who have enjoyed a robust following are finding the bottom is dropping out seemingly overnight. Others are being banned for “violating” the rules in some way. And still others are voluntarily calling it quits on platforms with […]

Medical Interventions—3 Things to Consider

When faced with healthcare challenges, it’s understandable that individuals may want to embrace promising medical interventions that are readily available. However, before agreeing to any type of preventative or treatment-focused intervention, it’s important to keep three considerations in mind: 1. Your individual situation. Everybody’s needs are different and each person’s situation is unique. That’s true […]

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