When the holidays are weird

As we step from Thanksgiving and into the Christmas season this year, many families are probably feeling like things are a little weird. Although some may be able to celebrate as they traditionally do, others are making significant changes in an effort to protect at-risk loved ones from being exposed to the virus. That can […]

Hearing vs. Listening

When I took my first sip of coffee that recent morning, it was still early, and a peaceful darkness enveloped our back porch. As the hot mixture of medium roast and cream trickled into my system, I savored the early sounds of creation that wafted through the screen, as insects softly sang their tunes and […]

Uncensored prayer

Free speech is supposed to be a constitutional right and foundation of our society. However, in our ever-changing times, it seems that’s often not the case. Clear expression of varying opinions may be either manipulated or suppressed in various ways—including censorship by online platforms or the application of algorithms that are intended to filter and […]

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