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God’s Independence Day

When I was a kid, our July 4th celebrations were simple, family-oriented affairs that included the sweet and sticky trickle of watermelon juice down our chins; creaking lawn chairs and the worn texture of old blankets on freshly mown grass; the whistle, crackle, bang of fireworks; and plenty of love.

While July 4th celebrations across our country this year will likely include such treasures, they will certainly be different, too. Between the impact of the coronavirus and the ongoing upheaval in our society, things may not be the same as they were in simpler times.

The Ultimate Independence Day

But one Independence Day will always remain the same: the one created by God when Jesus conquered death (Acts 2: 24).

After all, if Jesus had come to this earth, eventually died, and remained in that tomb—he wouldn’t have seemed different than any other religious leader in this world.

Fortunately, that’s not the case.

Instead, there are no Jesus bones for archeologists to dig up and study—because after three days, there was no body to be found (Luke 24:1-12).

And we know thieves didn’t break in and haul it off because of the many eyewitnesses who both watched him die and then experienced him alive and well over a 40-day period after he rose from the dead (John 20, 21; Acts 1: 1-3; Acts 2:32).

Even more, they watched him actually ascend into heaven where he continually intervenes on our behalf today (Mark 16: 19; Luke 24: 50-51; Romans 8:34).

What God provided through Jesus created the ultimate Independence Day since it made it possible for all of mankind to be freed from the bondage of sin and death (Romans 3:23-24; 8: 1-2).

A Personal Independence Day

In addition to that universally-applicable Independence Day created by God, there’s another that’s personal to each who would embrace it: The one that occurs with an individual decision to accept Jesus as Savior and Lord (John 3:16-17).

And talk about fireworks!

Jesus said there is “rejoicing in heaven” when someone repents and embraces the gift of salvation through what he has done (Luke 15:7).

On that day, the Bible says we become new creations, infused by the power of the Holy Spirit (2 Corinthians 5:17; John 14: 15-17, 26).

If you don’t have a relationship with Jesus, I invite you to learn more about that and contact me—because I’d love to talk with you.

And if you do, yay!

God is counting on us to be both salt and light to share the good news of the ultimate Independence Day he has provided through our precious Lord Jesus Christ.

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