God loves you.

And I believe He brought you here to remind you of that.

I'm Sue Montgomery, and I hope you'll join me.

Whatever happened to that novel?

You may have heard me mention my “upcoming debut novel” a time or two. Or three or four. Or enough to think, “Enough already! Just publish the thing!” Hey, I’m with you. I’ve been working on various iterations of Final Moment and in varying levels of focus ranging from quite-intense-to-not-at-all since 2008. Obviously, I feel it’s a […]

Easter: A Morning Like No Other

There will never again be a morning like Easter morning. When an empty tomb changed everything. Because regardless of the world’s attempts to the contrary, God’s not dead. He always was and always will be alive and well. Jesus’ life on the earth in human form served many purposes. To reveal to us the character […]

Numb, Fearful, Helpless

Grief can be overwhelming. Depending upon the circumstances of grief, we may be confused. Fearful. Angry. We might feel helpless. On the day after Jesus’ death, His followers were likely swamped with such emotions. And since it was the Jewish sabbath, there was no “doing” permitted that could distract them from their pain. In such […]

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