Pro-Life: Finding Your Place

This morning, I started reading pro-life leader Shawn Carney’s new book, To the Heart of the Matter.

If you don’t know who Shawn Carney is, he’s the President and CEO of 40 Days for Life, “The world’s largest grassroots movement to end abortion.”

This pro-life organization focuses on prayer and fasting, constant vigils of peaceful prayer outside abortion facilities, and community outreach.

With a short and simple format, To the Heart of the Matter is designed as a 40-day devotional that can be used in various ways, such as during one of the 40 Days for Life campaigns, during Lent, or any other time at all.

As you can see, I chose the last.

Though Carney’s tone in the book is positive, he doesn’t sugarcoat the grim and growing realities of abortion, noting that 56 million lives are claimed annually (p.2) and that “every 30 seconds a baby is lost to abortion” (p.5-6).

Heart-felt Language

Unfortunately, many in our society are willing to accept both the inhumane practice of abortion and statistics like these.

But they get up in arms about the use of what they view as inflammatory terms like the various tenses of “kill” to describe this brutal process.

With my nursing background, I’m more nurturer-than-activist, so I have to admit that I sometimes cringe at seemingly inflammatory pro-life language, too.

However, I know the intent behind is it to cast a spotlight on the stark realities of abortion.

Because the collective conscience of this world has seemingly become either dulled or deadened to what’s happening in our midst.

After all, abortion does kill.

It intentionally ends the life of a preborn baby.  

And it emotionally and spiritually scars mothers, fathers, and other family members.

So heart-felt language that exposes these realities is needed to take a stand against the abortion industry and those who support it.

But equally important is heart-felt language that extends a compassionate message of love and support toward those who are in need of exactly that.

To the desperate moms and dads who need to know there are alternative options available.   

Heart-led Efforts    

Fortunately, there are many pro-life organizations that are finding a way to strike that type of balance.

There are three I particularly like in this context, since they all provide compassionate and supportive services to those in need—while also leading the way to help stop abortion for good:  

Of course, there are many other wonderful organizations doing similarly great work—but these are three that I learned about in my journey to taking a pro-life stand.

Finding Your Pro-Life Place

In his book, Carney describes the struggle many face regarding understanding how they can help to end abortion.

He says many who are helping to do so accomplish this “not by speaking or writing about the culture of life but by living the culture of life every day by doing small things with great love. …They go to the heart of the matter” (p.4).

For me, that boils down to both living a life of love on a daily basis and taking whatever steps we can to contribute to this critical effort.

With growing numbers of abortion-minded individuals being elected at various levels of government, the need is greater than ever for each Christian to find a way to become involved.

I certainly don’t mean to limit that to Christians, because it would be better still if those who don’t yet know Jesus would also stand up for the preborn.

But I’m directing this message to Christians because there are a lot of us—and collectively, we can make a big difference in this fight.

However, like me, you may have been or may remain somewhat asleep regarding this issue.

Or—also like I was—you don’t want to create conflict with family members or friends who are pro-abortion (pro-choice may be the term they use, but the baby doesn’t have a choice, so…).

And—yep, me too—you may not know how to help or where to start or what your role should be.

Regardless of any of that, the Bible is clear that each life is precious and uniquely created by God.

And ending a life in the womb is wrong.

Thus, abortion is an issue Christians cannot ignore or remain on the sidelines about anymore.

Instead, it’s time for each of us to step in and do what we can to help end abortion.

Getting Started

If you’re not sure where to start, start with prayer.

Ask God to show you how He wants you to specifically be involved.

Then consider the following as a few simple and practical options to begin supporting pro-life organizations on the front lines:

  • Pray for pro-life efforts.
  • Donate financially.  
  • Volunteer in various roles.
  • Be a model of Jesus’ love.

I mention the last point because many young women who seeks abortions do so because they don’t feel they have the support they need from family and friends.

That’s the case for Charlie, the 16-year-old main character of my upcoming novel, Final Moment.  

So one of the most important ways you can help to end abortion is to be supportive.

Be the kind of friend, parent, grandparent or other family member whom others feel comfortable turning to.

Who provides the love, acceptance, and support a young woman needs.

Sue Montgomery is a Christian writer/content creator who's also been a hospice nurse, family caregiver, health coach, and professional organizer. Now she's helping Baby Boomers like herself embrace the Boomer Continuum™ of agile caregiving, graceful aging, and peaceful dying—with Christian faith and simplicity to focus on what matters most.
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