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Disability Travel

If you’ve read this far into our site, you’re probably exactly the type of rebel adventurer we’d love to have join us! And if that’s the case, then traveling to see new sites and embracing new experiences might be right up your alley.

Hopefully, you’re in excellent health with no mobility issues and can jump into such adventures with ease. But for many, aging includes accumulating a variety of physical challenges that might make it more difficult to get around.

That was the case for both my mom and my dad.

Dad had pulmonary fibrosis, which increasingly limited how far or how much he could walk and still be able to catch his breath. Eventually, he required a high flow of continuous oxygen and a motorized scooter in order to continue to do the things he wanted to do.

Mom had severe arthritis just about everywhere, so her mobility challenges weren’t about breathing issues, but the amount of pain and weakness she had in her joints. After using a walker for many years, she eventually had to use a wheelchair to continue to get out and about.

However, none of those disability challenges kept them from taking the trips they wanted to take and doing the things they wanted to do.

Dad loved to travel and drive, so he didn’t hesitate to pack up their van with his oxygen equipment and scooter—like he did for one of their Florida trips to visit me.

When Mom turned 80, we cruised to the Caribbean, made the most of her walker-with-a-seat, and pulled a few MacGyvers to make sure she had the needed equipment in our tiny room.

Those were just a few of the adventures we took together. In addition, I helped many of my hospice patients prepare for trips they wanted to take as part of their Golden Season Adventures™.

What I’ve found in all of those experiences in helping others to travel with a disability is that you need to do your research ahead of time, plan and prepare thoroughly, remain flexible—and hang on to your sense of humor!

And that is what our ROADTRIP!™ series is all about.

Here, I’ll be providing resources related to traveling with a disability—as well as gathering your stories, tips and ideas through social media using the #DisabilityTravel hashtag. This one isn’t unique to us, but a hashtag linked to lots of great info and stories about traveling with a disability, so I thought we might as well jump on the bandwagon!

To keep it fun, you can access our ROADTRIP!™ videos that we post on our blog, in which we record during various excursions to give you some tips and tricks for traveling with a disability.

Although ROADTRIP! may sound like you have to adventure out in a car, we’d love to have stories, tips and ideas about any type of travel you’re embarking on with a disability—whether it by land, sea, air, llama…

And how you’re making it happen.

When we share our experience, strength and hope with each other—we not only empower ourselves, but all those who can benefit from our stories.

Remember, when sharing your stories on social media, be sure to use the #DisabilityTravel hashtag and ping us on Twitter or Facebook so we can promote your post, too!

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