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4 Essential Boomer Resources to Empower You

As per my tagline: “Embracing the Boomer Continuum™ with authenticity, faith, and our inner rebels,” the Boomer community I’m building at embraces the unique journey that Boomers travel.

Sue Montgomery offers resources for Boomers

The Boomer Continuum™ is a phrase I coined to capture the unique seasons of life that Baby Boomers experience—and the challenges that can result.

Some of us are caregivers for a parent or spouse. Some are feeling the aches and pains of aging. Many are doing both. Some Boomers are even facing end of life or helping someone else who is.

Within any of these seasons, learning to travel with a disability may play a key role in maintaining quality of life, crossing items off a bucket list, or meeting end-of-life goals.

All those dynamics can be messy. Caregiving. Aging. Dying. And trying to travel within those contexts if a disability is present.

We Boomers live on a continuum in which we are often impacted by an aspect of all these dynamics at some point.

That means the responsibilities and challenges we face typically overlap, requiring us to address multiple needs for both ourselves and others all at the same time.

What we need are simple, effective solutions—and others who understand. And that’s what we offer at

Practical and faith-based resources to empower you for agile caregiving, graceful aging, peaceful dying, and disability travel.

Tools to help you embrace both faith and your inner rebel to remain in charge.

Resources that will evolve with you as you travel the Boomer Continuum™ journey.

A growing array of resources to empower Boomers.

Here, I offer faith-based resources to empower and encourage you for agile caregiving, graceful aging, peaceful dying, and disability travel. Currently, those resources are offered in the following four ways:

Christian growth resources

For over two years, I’ve posted episodes of my video devotional, Bibles & Bathrobes™ to my blog. They’re short ‘n sweet and meant to provide a sense of presence to inspire and encourage you as you start your day.

While the archived episodes are still available on my blog, I now offer daily delivery directly to your inbox. You can sign up for that here: Get priority delivery of Bibles & Bathrobes™.

There is also a list of Resources for Spiritual Growth which provides links to books you may find helpful. If you are interested in finding out more about a relationship with Jesus Christ, I have a video, Want Jesus? that talks about that, too.

Boomer Continuum™ resources

These include resources related to agile caregiving, graceful aging, and peaceful dying. I post related content on my blog which is either original or republished with permission from other experts in these areas.

There is also a list of Resources for the Journey which provides links to websites and books you may find helpful.

My Dying Talks™ video series covers important topics for those facing end of life.

Disability travel resources

These offerings are geared toward helping those with a disability and their caregivers who want to continue to enjoy the gifts of traveling.

This includes those who may be facing end of life and have Golden Season Adventures™ they’d like to embrace during their final seasons.

Currently, I have a few ROADTRIP!™ videos available, and will be expanding offerings in this category in the coming year.

Weekly newsletter

The Empowered Traveler Newsletter™ is a way for you and I to connect regularly and directly without the rest of the world chiming in.

Delivered each Saturday, it includes my weekly column, links to resources for each category of the Boomer Continuum™, and important updates. You can sign up for your subscription here: Get Priority delivery of The Empowered Traveler™.

If you’re a Boomer traveling the Continuum, you’re in the right place.

There are many excellent resources available regarding caregiving, aging, end of life, and disability travel—which I’ll link to as appropriate.

However, most don’t embrace the Continuum as a whole—and few offer a faith-based perspective with which to travel it.

What I’m providing here offers the unique perspectives of a seasoned healthcare professional well-versed in the topics, and also a fellow Boomer traveling the Continuum with you.

Welcome, fellow traveler, to the Boomer Continuum™!

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