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Writing Projects

Digital Health in the U.S.

I’ve written for major outlets, such as Cleveland Clinic’s Consult QD— which has a physician audience. Here’s a sample of one:

I’ve also written many feature articles for Working Nurse, which has an audience of California nurses. You can search with my name to find them, but here are a few samples you might find helpful:

Global Digital Health

During my time as both a freelancer and Senior Content Editor for nuviun, a global digital health company based in Dubai, I did a lot of writing. The website has changed hands and is now I have three whitepapers and fifty-five blog posts and on there. I wrote the whitepapers while I was with nuviun, although they don’t specifically have my byline on them. There are several on there, and the three I wrote are:

You can find the blog posts with a search of my name. Some of my writing there is specific to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. I encourage you to browse the articles as needed, but here are a few links that may give you an idea of the range of topics I’ve covered:

I’ve also written a number of feature articles for MedTech Engine, which is based in London and focuses on the medtech industry in Europe. Here are a few samples:

Hospice & Palliative Care

Nutrition and Integrative Medicine

Other Healthcare

Business/Big Data/Analytics

I’ve been blessed to work with awesome individuals and organizations for content creation, including big brands such as 2U, Validic, Cleveland Clinic, Medtech Engine, Medeuronet, Working Nurse, Nuviun Digital Health, and others. You can find a selection of testimonials from clients and colleagues here: View testimonials.

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