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Supporting Fellow Writers

We all need encouragement—and this is especially true when we’re engaged in isolating endeavors—like writing!

Although many of us who choose to obsess over sentence structure and finding the perfect word are typically more hermits than socialites, we still need support of various kinds.

In that light, I’ve created this page with links to the websites or online works of my writing friends who are seeking to serve God with their writing gifts.

My goal for doing so is to support increased visibility for them and to help my readers find other writers whose work they may enjoy.

Some may refer to themselves as Christians who are writers; others may call themselves writers who are Christians; others may say they’re Christian writers—or some other hybird title that captures all of that.

Some may write fiction; or nonfiction; or books; or articles; or devotionals; or any combination of any of those things.

Regardless, I seek to promote the work of those who want to glorify God through their writing gifts—and who are part of my first-person world.

The following list will be growing as I touch base with my writing friends.

Check out these great writers who seek to serve God with their gifts.

Doris Hoover. Doris resides in The Villages, Florida. She also spends time along the coast of Maine. Her passion is discovering God’s messages in nature and sharing them with others. The mother of three daughters and grandmother to five grandchildren, Doris spends her retirement years with her husband Tim traveling the east coast visiting places and people. Doris is an award-winning devotional writer. She’s been published in The Upper Room and The Secret Place, as well as in three devotional books: God Still Leads and GuidesLight for the Writer’s Soul and Short and Sweet. Quiet Moments in The Villages is her first book. Adaptations from her book appear in The Village Neighbors Magazine and on You can read more about Doris and contact her through her website:

Tina Neeley. A self-proclaimed word nerd, Tina Neeley has long struggled with a divided heart, pushing for time to sit and linger at His feet and in His Word, while being pulled like a wish bone by work as a real estate closing specialist and her family responsibilities. She spends as much time as possible seeking to offer encouragement to stressed, striving women through devotions and inspirational writings and with handcrafted journals from repurposed linens, all of which can be found at

Feature photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash.

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