Giving God your zero

Social media is certainly interesting right now—with lots of upheaval on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Parler. Many who have enjoyed a robust following are finding the bottom is dropping out seemingly overnight. Others are being banned for “violating” the rules in some way. And still others are voluntarily calling it quits on platforms with […]

When is it okay to be silent?

I watched a video recently in which the speaker urged the “silent majority” to speak up. While I understood what she was saying, her invitation also got me thinking about the dynamics of silence. Now, me thinking about things can lead to a variety of scenarios. If I’m trying to multi-task, that might mean that […]

What matters most?

“What matters most?” It’s a question I’ve asked myself a lot throughout my life—and in the current state of our world, the need to answer it is more pressing than ever. Certainly, that’s true in the context of the many critical and ongoing decisions being made by various leaders as they try to gauge and […]

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