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The Empowered Traveler™ Newsletter

Sharing thoughts and stories about life, faith, and simplicity to help Boomers focus on what matters most.

The Empowered Traveler ™ newsletter is a way for us to connect directly without the rest of the world chiming in. Subscribe for Saturday delivery of my weekly newsletter directly to your inbox.

The content of the Empowered Traveler ™ is currently evolving, as I continue my journey of determining the focus God wants for my writing and honing things accordingly. For sure, you’ll receive the following:

  • Perspectives—which is my weekly column
  • A link to my recent blog posts
  • A link to that week’s most popular episode of Bibles and Bathrobes ™
  • Links to any “Of Note” things I came across the previous week I feel compelled to share
  • Updates from me (and please send me yours!)

If you have a comment or question about something, you can email me back and I’ll respond directly to you. And if you decide you’d like to stop delivery, you can do that anytime.

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