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Sharing thoughts and stories about life, faith, and simplicity to help Boomers focus on what matters most.

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The content of the Empowered Traveler ™ is currently evolving, as I continue my journey of determining the focus God wants for my writing and honing things accordingly. For sure, you’ll receive the following:

  • A note from me with updates on what’s been going on in the last month.
  • Resources related to agile caregiving, graceful aging, peaceful dying, and disability travel.
  • A link to the previous month’s most popular episode of Bibles and Bathrobes ™
  • A link to my recent blog posts
  • Resources for writers

If you have a comment or question about something, you can email me back and I’ll respond directly to you. And if you decide you’d like to stop delivery, you can do that anytime.

I used to have archives listed here, but I decided that’s not really fair to those who have signed up for exclusive content.

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